Winter Assembly T-Shirt Cannon

On Friday, December 14th, 2012, the Iron Riders robot made an appearance at the RHS Winter Assembly!

Last year’s robot chassis was outfitted with a custom-made t-shirt cannon, and it roamed the floor of the gym during the Winter Spirit Assembly, launching rolled-up t-shirts into the bleachers.

The team worked for a few weeks in regular workshop meetings after school to design, build, program, and plan the assembly appearance. The goal was to show the RHS student body what we’ve been up to, generate some noise, and perhaps recruit more team members.

During the assembly, Katie explained what the RHS Robotics Club is all about, while Roxanne and Linden handled the cannon loading and firing. Ben was driving the robot, using the wireless remote control program. Adrian, Sasha, Max, and Eric were supporting from the sidelines.

It was a great project and really successful team effort! Congratulations to everyone.

(I don’t know how it compared to the teachers all dancing to Jingle Bell Rock, but you can judge that for your self: Teachers Dance.)

Here is a very amateur video of the event, shakily shot on my iPhone.


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