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indiegogo — what’s that? indiegogo is “the world’s funding platform.” It’s a way of crowd-sourcing fund-raising for all kinds of endeavors.

While Team 4180 has been very fortunate to receive a number of generous donations, we’re trying to up our game and raise some more money. The business team (spearheaded by Linden on this effort) has launched an indiegogo campaign for the Iron Riders.

You can see the campaign details here:

We’re asking for everyone’s help to get the word out about this campaign and help us raise another $2000 or so. We’ll use this to pay for lots of expenses at the competition (like food, renting a van, supplies), buying tools and building some pit systems, etc.

Please use all of your networks to spread the word about the campaign. Post it on your Facebook page, Tweet about it, send emails, use semaphore signals, whatever you can! We have two weeks left.

Also, if you know anyone who would rather donate directly, rather than through this campaign, we’re happy to take checks. We even get a little more money that way, since indiegogo takes a percentage of the donations.


Team 4180

PS: Mark your calendars for the competition: March 29-30! More about that later.

In the Bag !

baggedIt’s in the bag!

The Iron Riders robot, that is, as of 9:49 pm on Stop Build Day, February 19. (Over two hours before the deadline, woot!)

After an intense build season, culminating in marathon work sessions over the holiday weekend at mentor Charles Delahunt’s house, the 2012-13 Iron Riders robot is done. Well, done enough to get it officially sealed up until the competition on March 29-30. I missed the demo that night, but saw video evidence that it actually fired frisbees in the street about 30 feet.

There is plenty of work still to be done in, as Katie said, the second half of the build season. There are refinements to the robot, software still to write, t-shirts to make, other things to build, and lots of planning to bring us to the competition arena.

Thanks to everyone who has helped so far!