Day 1 Practice Match

What a great day!

Today was the first day of the 2013 Seattle Regionals and the Iron Riders robot ran its first practice match. This may not sound like much, in one sentence, but it represents months of hard work, great creativity, and awesome teamwork on the part of dozens of Roosevelt HS students.

Here’s a video of the practice match. There are many things implicit in this:

  • The team is all wearing beautiful Iron Riders t-shirts festooned with Team 4180 buttons.
  • The robot passed inspection. This is a huge checklist of many, many technical and safety details.
  • The robot works. It ran in the practice match. It scored points.

Now, the video.

You see it sit out the autonomous period (first 15 driverless seconds). We hope to get that working tomorrow.

It lines up for a frisbee shot, takes it, and just misses. They adjust the angle and fire two perfect shots into the target.

Unable to reload (hopefully tomorrow we will), it lines up for the pyramid climbing and does that, hanging on to the lower rung as the buzzer sounds.

At the same time, it’s not clear in the video, but our human shooter fires a frisbee from the far end of the field and scores the target!

Total: 16 points! Fantastic!

Come out Friday and Saturday to cheer them on and see some more fun.

Go, Iron Riders !


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