Seattle Regionals this Weekend !

Well, it has finally arrived — the 2013 FIRST FRC Seattle Regionals are this weekend!

Team 4180, the IronRiders, will be competing in its second FRC event with a climbing and frisbee shooting robot. Sporting a new name and logo (and t-shirts and buttons), we will be gathering at CenturyLink Arena for the Ultimate Ascent event.

Come out and support the team, have some fun, watch the matches, and experience the “Super Bowl of Smarts.” The best time will be Saturday morning, between 9-12, when we will be in the qualifying matches. If we do well, we move on to the final matches in the afternoon. But either way, it will be fun for everyone. And it’s free.

If you do come visit, be sure to stop in the pit area and say hi to Team 4180!


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