2015 Build Season Wrap-up

Here we are again, at the end of another build season. 6 weeks, 41 days of work sessions, about 250 hours, and 1 pretty sweet robot. I am proud to say that this has been our most productive year as we have built a robot that is fit for competition as it is right now, as opposed to previous years of panicked assembly of major systems while at events. Although the build season did have a bit of a slow start, the evening and weekend sessions allowed us the extra time we needed to finish our bot. Without the help of our advisers and mentors, who gave up their free time to be here, we would not have been able to have those extra sessions and would most likely not have a finished robot. A big thank you goes out to our generous sponsors, and a special thank you to Electroimpact who went above and beyond, not only by donating to the club and supplying parts and tools, but allowing us to use their facilities to work on and test our robot. Hope to see you all at the competitions!

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