October 26, 2015

Curriculum, Fundraising, and Housekeeping…

Introductory curriculum meetings have concluded. It is our hope that they inspired incoming students to take part in any of our departments. Interested members are now participating in general design, software, and hardware curriculum. The schedule for after school sessions is as follows (anyone is welcome to come in anytime):

  • Monday: Design Curriculum
  • Tuesday: Leadership Meeting
  • Wednesday: Design, Software, and Hardware Curriculum
  • Thursday: Hardware Curriculum
  • Friday: Software Curriculum

This week, members will prepare for our fundraising kickoff and organize team projects. Current activity includes the development of a new tool organization system in the Rapid Prototyping Lab and a recently upgraded website. While it is great that so much is being completed, we still have a ways to go. Keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming mentor meetings, parent meetings, and project updates.

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