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January 24, 2016

One-Third of the way through build season

This week the team worked on sensor testing, robot connection, prototyping, CAD, and field element construction. Members built three “defenses” for robot testing and software fixed the Iron Riders github repository. Mr. Ruff’s room has been very crowded as of late due to his class’s upcoming semester deadlines. We plan to pick up the pace as his students finish their projects, giving us more workspace. Next week we will begin constructing the chassis and the drive train.

We really appreciate the support we have been getting in these past two weeks. Thank you Peggy Confer for providing Wednesday’s wonderful dinner. Thank you Joe Farra for getting the team construction supplies. Thank you Daniel, Fitz, Keith, John, Mike, and Will for showing up to mentor. As always, thank you Mr. Ruff and Ms. Myers for having your doors open.

January 16, 2016

The first week of build season is over!

I apologize for the lack of recent updates, build season is a little busy.

Kickoff went wonderfully. Getting up at the crack of dawn was totally worth the cool new challenge (Here is the FIRST Stronghold Reveal Video if you are curious). Thank you to the numerous mentors, drivers and food providers who made it all possible.

During our kickoff meeting at the University of Washington, members analyzed game strategies and acted out the challenge. Pictured below are robots (Jake, Fiona, and Matthew) “climbing” the castle walls (Andrew, Christina, and Brendan).

The team's focus this week was design, yet we have also started prototyping and coding the Stronghold robot. Thank you Mary and Michael for providing Wednesday’s club dinner. Thank you Daniel for showing up every day of the week to help us out. Thank you Mr. Ruff and Ms. Myers for always having your doors open.

Have a great three day weekend Iron Riders!