February 17, 2016

Build Season is almost over!

We have less than a week left before the robot is to be bagged and completed. This weekend the team built and tested the robot at Electroimpact. The following systems on the robot are functional: flywheel shooter, drivetrain motors, pneumatic piston, and gear shifting. Most of the work left is in integrating these systems. In the upcoming days the team will also be constructing and attaching the robot’s intake system as well as testing autonomous code.

We could not have been so productive this weekend without Jim Thompson. Thank you for getting food and workspace for the team. Thank you Andrew Murphy for providing the last two Wednesday dinners (tonight’s curry was wonderful). Thank you to all of the parents who drove members and supplies up to and back from Mukilteo. So much of what we do hinges on community support, and we have that in spades.

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