February 6, 2016

Week Four: Panic

The team has yet to receive vital parts for the robot. Waiting on about a $1000 worth of parts from VEX is stressful. We aren’t in crunch time quite yet, but Stop Build Day is ever approaching. The team is shifting into high gear now that semester finals are over. The chassis is mostly constructed and the robot CAD is almost complete. We have milled parts for the shooting and intake systems, tested more efficient joystick code, and furthered image recognition research.
Thank you Ben Swanson for providing this week’s Wednesday dinner. The homemade pizza was delicious and it was nice to see an Iron Riders alumnus. Thank you Ellen Tan for bringing side dishes. Thank you Keith, Daniel, Mike, Fitz, and John for pushing the team in the right direction. As always, thank you Mr. Ruff and Ms. Myers for keeping your doors open.
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