March 24, 2016

Competition Update

New leadership is about to take over, therefore it is only fitting that we have some new voices writing the season’s last club update. I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve done this year and I’m confident that the club is in good hands. Thank you Fiona, Christina, Aaron and Clyde for the Competition Update:

The Iron Riders, FRC Team 4180, have had a great FIRST Robotics Competition Season! Following the hype-inspiring kick off of this years challenge, FIRST Stronghold, we had our busy, six week Build Season. It was full of challenges and achievements, resulting in this year’s beautiful robot, Silver! This season, we participated in two Pacific Northwest District Events. At Glacier Peak, we finished the Qualification Round 5-9-0 in Rank 24, and made the 7th Alliance. Teamed with 4-H Botsmiths and M*A*S*H, we made the quarterfinals, going toe-to-toe with SRF, CyberKnights, and the RoboCubs, scoring our first 100 point match!

For the first time in team history, we made it to the Elimination Round at both of our District Events. At Mount Vernon, we finished the Qualification Round 7-8-0 in Rank 21, and once again made the 7th Alliance. This time allied with Top Gun and the NeoBots, we rocked the quarterfinals, squaring off once more with the CyberKnights, who were allied with Chill Out and Team Pronto. After scoring two 100 point matches, we lost 111 to 112 points in a tiebreaker match! However, our hard work was rewarded when we won our first ever event award, the 2016 Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation. Because of the way the District Ranking System works, there is still a chance we might make it to the District Championships in Portland, so for now, Silver is remaining safely in its bag. Either way, it's been an amazing FRC season.

Thank You,

Halle Remash | Vice President

Iron Riders, 4180, a Washington FIRST Robotics Team

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