Announcement: For the 2019 season, the team Strategy Lead decided to try something new. They decided to create an open application for Driveteam and open training till the first week of January. By the second Wednesday of Build Season, the top 15 people will be chosen as the 2019 Driveteam candidates, and the Strategy Lead plans to “cross that bridge if we get to it”. Here is the link to the open application if you are interested. Or come to Roosevelt High School, Room 217 or 221 on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday after school for more info.

Driveteam: A team of 5 highly skilled individual, who’ve practice for over 80 hours, that represents their robot on the field. As far as the Iron Riders are concerned, here are the 5 roles on Driveteam are as follows:

1. The Drive Coach: The Captain of Driveteam. Helps the Scouts and Strategists strategise for the match. They are responsible for briefing drive team on all strategy and issueing orders during a match. All members of Drive team must follow the orders of the Drivecoach.

2. Main Driver(Controller): Drives the robot around the field, engages with other robots. Responsible for aligning the robot do’s that the Co-Driver may move game pieces

3. Co-Driver(Operator): Controls the manipulators on the robot to move game pieces from the collection points to the scoring areas.

4. Human Player: While their role changes depending on the game, generally the Human Player is the only human allowed to touch game pieces. This may be to move on to the field for robots to collect, or to collect them from robots to score elsewhere.

5. Wild Card Player: This roles changes every year. Sometimes Is a crucial role like an extra human player, or role unique and crucial to the game. Other times out a throw away potion, like in he 2018 Technian. Sure, the Technicain was useful, and it was helpful having an extra set of hands set everything up, but teams could have been able to, and did, manage without one.