The Iron Riders Software Department is a team of over 15 students who develop the program for the software component of the robot control system, maintain the website, and program the Android scouting app. The mentors of the department include John Luetke, Phil Fritzsche, and Andrew Fitz Gibbon. 


The Iron Riders' Software Department is the unofficial extension of the Roosevelt Computer Science Program. We are mentored by the Roosevelt Computer Science teacher, Ms. Myers. For students who are unable to take CS classes the software department is a great place to start. It allows for more freedom then classes do, but also a more limited curriculum. If you are interested in taking Roosevelt Computer Science classes, there are several including AP Computer Science, Web Design and Intro to Computer Science.


In 2017 part of the software department began work on a scouting app for competitions.  It is built to collect, view and share scouting data about teams in the 2017 FRC game Steamworks. It uses Bluetooth connections to share information in order to circumvent network restrictions at competitions.

In this 2018/19 season we hope to update our scouting app for this years game.


In 2016 the Ironriders won the innovation in control awards, thanks to the Software Department's efforts to use image recognition in both teleop and autonomous. We hope that FIRST will expand autonomous potential in future games, and that we can work to win this award again.

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