Strategy Department

by Ishan F.G. Coutinho


 About Us

The Strategy department has grown, in previous years consisting of only one permanent member, it is now a fully fledged department in its own right. The department will be, among other things, responsible for finalizing the season's strategy, keeping tabs and scouting out other teams, scouting, coming up with match strategies, training a drive team, and much more.

The inspiration to make this leap and much of what I personally know about the art of Strategy in FRC is largely thanks to Karthik Kanagasabapathy and FRC Team 1114 Simbotics, Thuvishan Rajagulasingam and FRC Team 1241 Theory6, Shawm Lim and FRC Team 610 Crescent Robotics, as well as Alex Rickert, Matthew Robinaugh, and Julia Bailey, three of my predecessors from my own team, FRC Team 4180 Iron Riders.


FIRST Countdown

FIRST Robotics Kickoff Countdown

Created by Alex Fischman, Team 4180