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These are the Departments of the Iron Riders

The Iron Riders work together to foster a diverse community, where everyone can have fun, learn practical life skills, and develop a robot we are proud of.

Strategy Department

We lead the team through the Strategic Design Proccess starting at kickoff until we hand it off to Engineering and Software to do their magic. We scout other teams and do so extensively. We train a Driveteam where each member has had 35-70 hours of training.

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Software Department

We program the robot including autonomous code and image recognition. We also work with drive team to develop a control system that works to maximize our performance in matches.

Buisiness Department

We oversee fundraising and purchasing of items as well as branding and T shirts for the team

Build Department

Build is the department that designs, develops, and manufactures the physical elements of our robot. During curriculum, you will learn basic brainstorm and design processes, how to model components on a 3D Design software, and how to safely operate the many tools in the Rapid Prototyping Lab.

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We are Iron Riders Robotics

We are the Iron Riders, a FIRST League robotics team from Roosevelt High School in Seattle Washington. Every year, our team competes in a FIRST Robotics Competition where we have about six weeks to design, build, and code a fully functioning robot. After six weeks, we compete on district, regional, and international levels. As an still entirely student-led and operated club, our members develop problem solving, leadership, and STEM skills that not only help us during the course of our high school robotics career, but skills that we can take to college and beyond . This is why we participate in various outreach events, including demonstrating our robot to elementary and middle schools and building robots with Unified Robotics. Being a part of the Iron Riders is not only about competing, but fueling our members’ passion to use STEM as a way to better the community and inspire each other.

Status of the Athena (2019 Robot)

The 2018-19 Destination: Deep Space Robot


General Robot Strategy and Design Platform was finalised by week two

Coded and Testing

All the code was written by week 5 and testing was concluded soon after. Some offseason imrovments are being added though


The robot design was completed by early week 3 and despite multiple changes due to delays from snow days remains one of our best.


It’s complete, a few light offseason mods is all. Let’s be honest, a robots never done till we start working on the next one.


The Business of the Iron Riders Is Business



FIRST® Robotics Competition

The Iron Riders is a FIRST Robotics Team

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