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Overview of the Year

Curriculum Season

To start our year each member picks a department that will be their focus of study. Each of our three departments provides unique experiences and knowledge. Engineering, our most popular department, works on designing and building various physical elements robot or otherwise. Software works on developing code for a variety of features such as automating the robot, creating image recognition, and designing code so the robot can drive. Our last major department is Business which works to find and apply for grants, manage our money, and work on branding/aesthetics.

If you have questions for specific department Leads their emails will be added at the bottom.

Build Season

Starting on January 6, 2018 every competing FIRST FRC team is given a challenge in the form of a game (FIRST POWER UP Game Animation) that must be accomplished with a robot designed and built by the team and the students in it. Each team is given 6 weeks, ending on February 20th, to build their own robot with each member using the knowledge they gained during curriculum to help build the robot. During build season members are not expected to be there every day and there will be a schedule for when members are expected to show up. With that being said Mondays and Wednesdays are late meetings meaning that instead of our usual schedule of 3:45 to 5:00 pm students should start to show up after 5:00 pm with the meeting officially starting at 6:00 pm and going until 9:00 pm. Food will be provided at most of these late meetings for members who do not source their own food. Members getting dinner this way are expected to bring $5 for the food. A more in-depth schedule can be found at our Calendar.


After the 6 week build season our team will be participating in a minimum of 2 competitions with more coming later if we succeed in these preliminary 2. Our first competition is over the first weekend of March from the 2nd to the 4th and our second is over the fourth weekend of March from the 23rd to the 25th, however members are not expected to attend the first day of either of these competitions as they are for set-up and only a few members will be participating in the set up. Specific time info will be sent out to t he parents once we get. Food will be provided during these events for members, and parents are welcome to come to spectate and visit pit-stop area.


The competitions aren't the only focus of the club. In fact it is only the focus point of our mission as a FIRST team. When we're not building robots we're searching out opportunities to participate in our community and educate people about S.T.E.(A).M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art), and Math). There will be plenty of events that members will be able to attend during our off-season ranging from visiting other schools to helping in fundraising events. But that doesn't mean we don't stop trying to learn as much as we can about engineering and technology. Alongside lots of outreach opportunities, members can participate in a much more relaxed atmosphere as we give ourselves new challenges and work on ideas to further our understanding.


Our leadership and coaches are always willing to answer any questions you have. These listed e-mails will connect you to the various leads and coaches our team has. Each lead works on different parts of the club so to get a quicker and/or more accurate response, have an idea of which lead will be appropriate for your question. If you're unsure e-mail either the Team Captain or Communications/VP. If you have any questions about getting involved with the club as a parent or how food will be sourced during meetings e-mail one of mentors Chris Penkala at [email protected]


Ashley Myers: [email protected]

Karl Ruff: [email protected]


Team Captain:


Project Manager:

Engineering Leads: [email protected]

Software Lead:

Business Lead:

Strategy Lead:


Throughout the year your student will have to fill out certain forms in order to participate in the club. While these will be sent to out as necessary to those on the email list, if you need to fill out a form and don't have it they will be listed below.

Iron Riders Emergency Medical Info Sheet


Copy of Student Transportation Agreement FIRST


To have your child be considered a part of our team by FIRST you must complete the registration on the FIRST website outlined in This DocumentMAKE SURE TO READ CAREFULLY.