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Our leadership and coaches are always willing to answer any questions you have. These listed e-mails will connect you to the various leads and coaches our team has. Each lead works on different parts of the club so to get a quicker and/or more accurate response, have an idea of which lead will be appropriate for your question. If you’re unsure e-mail either the Team Captain or Communications/VP.


Karl Ruff: [email protected]

John Luetke: [email protected]


Team Captain:


Project Manager:

Engineering Leads: [email protected]

Software Lead:

Business Lead:

Strategy Lead:


Throughout the year students will have to fill out certain forms in order to participate in the club. While these will be sent to out as necessary to those on the email list, if you need to fill out a form and don’t have it they will be listed below.

Iron Riders Emergency Medical Info Sheet


Copy of Student Transportation Agreement FIRST


To have your child be considered a part of our team by FIRST you must complete the registration on the FIRST website outlined in This DocumentMAKE SURE TO READ CAREFULLY.


F.I.R.S.T ( stands for: For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.  It was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen.  FIRST was created in order to introduce kids and teenagers to science and technology.  FIRST makes accessible programs to encourage youth to look into careers and education in engineering, science, maths, and technology.  It helps teenagers build their confidence and life skills. Its motto is “More than just robots’

FIRST has several different leagues, for different age groups.  The Junior FIRST Lego League (Jr. FLL) is for children ages 6-9.  The FIRST Lego League (FLL) is for kids ages 9-14.  FLL and Jr. FLL introduce kids to programming and engineering through making Lego robots.  The FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is open to teens ages 12-18.  The FTC includes a challenge that the teams must compete in by using the robot kit they are given; the robot kits can be reused from year to year.  The FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is for teens ages 14-18. As one of the hundreds of FRC teams, we make a robot to fit the requirements for the current year’s competition.  The competition changes every year and there are many rules which each team must adhere to.

FIRST tries to enforce the idea of teamwork and remaining professional in the heat of competition.  Dr. Woodie Flowers, a FIRST National Adviser, created the term “Gracious Professionalism”.  Gracious Professionalism is the idea that opposing teams should treat each other with respect and work hard, but not to be bad sports. FIRST also stresses the concept of Cooperation.  Cooperation also pushes the idea of respect, be it within your team, the competitor teams, or the officials.  It also teaches teams to help and teach one another, as well as learn from one another.