Our Team



The engineering department is a combination of two subteams which work together to build and design the robot. Prior to build season both subteams hold curriculum meetings to teach members how to operate the shop tools, as well as how to use CAD programs. They also teach basic design processes to the entire team so that everyone is able to help with the final design. During build season the engineering department is responsible for designing and building the robot within the given timeframe. After building the robot, build members are some of the main people in the pit so that they can fix whatever issues may arise during the competition.


The software department is responsible for writing all the code for the robot. We start by teaching new members how to use Java and introduce them to the tools we use to code, such as VSCode. During build season, we write the code for the robot. This includes not only basic driving and manipulator control, but also image recognition, motion profiling, and more. We also test the robot, making sure that everything works well, before giving it to drive team. The software department also teams up with the engineering department to build the electronics board, which contains the components necessary to power the robot.


The business department has a wide range of responsibilities over the course of the year. To start the year off, the business department focuses on finding sponsors for the team, as well as applying for the many grants which are available to FRC teams. During this time the department also runs a competition within the team for that year’s logo. Before and during build season the department processes purchase requests for the different materials that the team needs. Throughout the entire year the business department works with the communications lead to keep communication aligned with the team branding, which the business department also creates and manages.


The strategy department is repsonsible for understanding and being experts in the rules of the game, determining how the robot will play the game, piloting the robot during the teleoperated period, and strategizing with other teams on our alliance.

Leadership Team

Build Lead

Anita Simon

Business Lead

Carolyn Kennedy

Communications Lead

Ryan Elbert

Design Lead

Elaine Gao

Project Manager

Norine Bao

Software Lead

Salvo Bonsma

Strategy Lead

Natalie Stanford


Karl Ruff


John Luetke


James Gladden

Engineering Mentor

Jordan Macias

Engineering & Software Mentor

Guy Nir

Software & Control Systems Mentor

Greg Lauckhart

Software & Programming Mentor

Jacob Erickson

Engineering Mentor

Tim Ellis

Engineering Mentor

Previous Leadership

Charged Up (2022 — 2023)

  • Captain: Ember Hartell
  • Communications: Thea Mesling
  • Project Manager: Norine Bao
  • Build Lead: Drew Stuart
  • Design Lead: Burke Havrenek
  • Software Lead: Linus Skucas
  • Strategy Lead: Sahar Abid

Rapid React (2021 — 2022)

  • Captain: Jacob Berg
  • Communications: Linus Skucas
  • Project Manager: Anish Gangu
  • Build Specialist: Ari Snyder
  • Design Specialist: Reid Estberg
  • Software Lead: Alex Fischmann

Infinite Recharge (2020 — 2021)

  • Captain: Quinn Roberts
  • Communications: Eric Daniel
  • Project Manager: Athena Crower
  • Business Lead: Tim Warber
  • Strategist: Jenelle Ng
  • Build Specialist: Ari Snyder
  • Design Specialist: Reid Estberg
  • Software Lead: Alex Fischmann

Infinite Recharge (2019 — 2020)

  • Captain: Athena Crower
  • Communications: Ethan Philips
  • Project Manager: Quinn Roberts
  • Business Lead: Tim Warber
  • Strategist: Jenelle Ng
  • Build Specialist: Forest Reese
  • Design Specialist: Corbin Kay-Chapman
  • Software Lead: Elias Haynie-Gay

Deep Space (2018 — 2019)

  • Captain: Solomon Doxey
  • Communications: Margarita Burnett-Thomas
  • Project Manager: Abbie Ruddick
  • Business Lead: Nathan Bawaan
  • Strategist: Ishan Coutinho
  • Build Specialist: Benny Bruvold
  • Design Specialist: Bailey Heller
  • Software Lead: Corinne Herzog

Power Up (2017 — 2018)

  • Captain: Harper d’Andrea
  • Communications: Solomon Doxey
  • Project Manager: Emily Louden
  • Business Manager: Ethan Philips
  • Strategist: Julia Bailey
  • Build Specialist: Josh Stenchever
  • Design Specialist: Margarita Burnett-Thomas
  • Software Lead: Alex MacLean

Steamworks (2016 — 2017)

  • President: Fiona Schaffer
  • Vice-President: Clyde Westrom
  • Project Manager: Brendan Murphy
  • Business Lead: Hallee Olson
  • Strategy Lead: Matthew Robinaugh
  • Hardware Lead: Alarik Rask
  • Safety Captain: Rafael Domingo
  • Design Lead: Margarita Burnett-Thomas
  • Software Lead: Alex MacLean

Stronghold (2015 — 2016)

  • President: Marli Remash
  • Vice-President: Halle Remash
  • Project Manager:
  • Business Lead: Zoe Lawerence
  • Strategy Lead:
  • Hardware Lead: Jax Damir
  • Safety Captain:
  • Design Lead: Christina Doty
  • Software Lead:

Recycle Rush (2014 — 2015)

  • President: Halle Remash
  • Communications Lead: Nate Spencer
  • Business Lead: Christa Tebbs
  • Hardware Lead: Alarik Rask
  • Software Lead: Aaron Jacobson

Aerial Assist (2013 — 2014)

  • President: Ben Swanson
  • Project Manager: Micah Reid
  • Design Lead: Jacob Olsen
  • Strategy Lead: Eric Cooper
  • Software Lead: Aaron Jacobson
  • Hardware Lead: Jax Damir
  • Business Lead: Roxanne Trager
  • Safety Captain: Simon Rockhold

Ultimate Ascent (2012 — 2013)

  • Administration: Katie van Koevering
  • Project Management: Max Horowitz-Gelb
  • Engineering: Adrian Delahunt
  • Robot Hardware: Ben Swanson
  • Robot Software: Alex Heilgeist
  • Business: Roxanne Trager

Rebound Rumble (2011 — 2012)

  • President / Software: Alex Heilgeist
  • Secretary: Emma LaMarca
  • Business: Ben Swanson
  • Build: Adrian Delahunt